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The new facility will be located on the second floor mezzanine. There will
be entrances from both the front and rear of gym.

Any member of colosseum Gym will be able to have full use of the facility, which will be open to all members during Colosseum Gym's regular business hours. NO ADDITIONAL FEES are neceessary! It will be absolutely Free and part of your Colosseum Gym Membership!


The Extreme Fitness Center will include a wide variety of complimentary programs offered on a weekly basis. Each week we will offer at least 2
of each of the following complimentary classes:
> Boxing Classes,
> Youth Boxing Classes,
> Jiujitsu Classes,
> MMA Classes,
> Self-Defense Classes,
> Schedule coming soon...


As a member of Colosseum Gym you will be entitled to participate in any
and ALL of these 12+ complimentary weekly classes or simply use the new equipment to improve your current workout regiment. After a major rennovation we will be installing a brand new boxing ring, an MMA Octagon/Cage, a ton of brand new heavy bags, speed bags, double-end bags and more. We are also bringing in a brand new strength circuit, more free weights, a new dumbbell section, kettlebells and core strength accessories and training equipment, sport specific equipment and a ton of brand new extreme cardio machines including more treadmills, versaclimbers and jacobs ladders to name a few.


The benefits of Boxing/MMA/Extreme Fitness Training include a higher level of cardiovascular conditioning, increased lean mass and fat loss, & enhanced athletic performance in a much shorter time period as each routine stresses the quality of exercise versus the quantity. The true benefits are endless.


In the future will be introducing more & more classes including:
> Muay Thai
> Boot Camp
> Cross Fitness
> Judo
> Wrestling
> HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
> & much more


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